The Knicks Have The Cap, and Advantage to Create a Great Team

The Knicks are going into this offseason full of cash and assets set to make that push for the superstar they’ve so long been starving for. But just because they boast these assets and cash doesn’t mean they are the prime destination for disgruntled, or new home searching players. It could just mean they have the assets nobody wants, leaving them in the position we’ve seen all too often with this organization. But a max contract with a great ran organization is nothing to sneeze at, and Leon Rose and William Wesley have shown that they can do just that, run an organization, so who’s to say a star player won’t view the Knicks as their future home, and what do the Knicks have that will be warranted that this wish will be granted.

1) Cap Space

The Knicks are well aware of the cash they have in order to give a player a max contract. The Knicks will have $51,312,098 — $73,902,558 available cap space, with the max including all guaranteed salaries + any dead cap from non-guaranteed salaries. All other options, cap holds, exceptions are assumed as turned down, waived, or renounced through ( ). This puts the Knicks in a position to offer the max to the right player, sign or resign the players they want, not to mention extend Randle to the max if he’s willing to accept it. If accepted Randle could sign an extension, this summer for $26.61 million saving the Knick tons of money to sign or take on the contract of a superstar player if that option comes their way. The Knicks have options and having the cap space only makes it better if they use it wisely.

2) Draft Picks

The Knicks have 7 first-round picks, and 11 second-round picks between 2022-2027. Packaging 2-3 of those picks along with these years picks and a young player has the potential to put the Knicks in the running for a disgruntled star player if one happens to show up before the draft, if not then the knicks can explore the option to move up in the top 10, but most likely there will be a player in that move coming from the Knicks so who are they willing to give up. The draft is loaded up until the 4th pick with no one past that being a great difference-maker on a team but things happen and you can end up with a diamond in the rough just as well as coal so it will be up to the Knicks on whether they are willing to take the risk and lose a player for a potential bust or stay pat and live with the results.

3) Signing/Resigning

The Knicks will have to make the decision on extending Julius Randle’s contract in the coming months. Having the luxury of being able to go over the cap with Randle gives the Knicks the opportunity to focus on signing a player to a max contract, and resign the players coming back on new salaries. A player like Duncan Robinson who would move the needle for the Knicks will command about 18-20 million this free agency so the question will be how much are the Knicks willing to spend to assemble a championship roster for next season.

The Knicks will have the money and assets to be able to gather a super team for next season, the question is will players view the team as the destination they select over teams that are already established? Do players believe the Knicks are a winning organization? From what we saw during the season, it can be stated that the answer is an absolute yes. The Knicks are just a few players away from being one of the top teams in the league. With young stars, in the making like Barrett, and Quickley the Knicks’ future looks bright, and all that’s need is the right player to come and take them to the top.

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