NY Islanders Moves to Game 7

On Friday night, the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning will face off in a Game 7 to see who is heading to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The New York Islanders gave fans a much required show on Wednesday night, which led to a win in overtime. As an Islanders fan, it seemed in the first half that Tampa Bay was going to easily secure the win over the Islanders. The Islanders were not playing and Tampa Bay throughout the first half, but made an impressive comeback throughout the second half and obviously secured the win in overtime.

The Islanders and Lightning have definitely made this series very entertaining and emotional for fans at home. It has been an enjoyable series to watch, whether you are a Lightning fan or an Islanders fan.

Since this series made it to a Game 7, this is what sports are all about. Games 7’s bring out all the competitive energy and emotions that fans want to see.

Hockey also can get heated amongst the players during the game and this is what fans are willing to see. Since Game 7 will be played in Tampa Bay, there is a likelihood that the home crowd could be an advantage to the Lightning. Though, the Islanders have done a great job all season with not going down without a fight.

Most likely tonight’s game will be an exciting one against two amazing teams.

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