FIVE strange transfer clauses in football

Unfortunately, the football world is becoming dependent on financial power more and more with every transfer market that passes.

A transfer negotiation might take weeks and even months. Contrary to what some people think, during a football transfer deal the parties involved look to agree on more than just the fee. One of the agreements involved certain stipulations for the player at the centre of the transfer.

Chazzynet has gathered five crazy yet interesting, transfer clauses.

  • Neymar

When PSG sealed the huge move for Neymar to join from Barcelona, some strange contract clauses were inevitably included.

These include the payment of €2.5 million a year for not criticizing the manager’s choices. Another transfer clause stipulated that Neymar gets €375,000 per year just for greeting fans before and after matches.

  • Mauro Icardi

The transfer saga involving Mauro Icardi before he joined Paris Saint Germain remains one of the most notorious in recent years. After months of negotiations, Inter had finally given in for Icardi to join the Parisian club on a loan deal.

One particular transfer stipulation included in the deal was that if the striker got sold back to a Serie A club, there would be an additional €15 million fee.

  • Roberto Firmino

Liverpool and Arsenal have once “entered” negotiations for Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez. But transfer negotiations for the forward to the Emirates were immediately halted following the bizarre £40 million + £1 bid offered by the Gunners.

Two years later, Liverpool got hold of Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino. As a “revenge” over the Gunners, they included a €98million release clause “if the interested club is not Arsenal” in his contract.

  • Nahuel Guzman

Former Argentina international Nahuel Guzman might not be too familiar for many, but one of his transfer clauses actually is. Guzman joined Mexican side Tigres back in 2014 and was successful throughout his period there.

However, one bizarre transfer clause was included in the contract. This stated that the goalkeeper may return to his former club Newell’s Old Boys if former team-mate Lionel Messi ends his career with the Argentinian club.

“The only way they will let me return to Newell’s while I have a contract, even if it is for just six months, is if Messi goes back there, too.

  • Giuseppe Reina

Maybe one of the most bizarre transfer clauses of all time involved former German striker Giuseppe Reina.

One weird detail when he signed for Arminia Bielefield was the demand for him to get a new house built for every year of his stay at the club.

However the forward had not specified the size of the house and the club built him a LEGO house for the three years he played in Germany.

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