A New Beginning has commenced In The Steph-LeBron Rivalry

From being born in the same hospital to fighting for a playoff spot, LeBron and Steph have had their fair share of clashes but this might be the most interesting one yet. The new play-in tournament has given teams the privilege to fight for a playoff spot, an opportunity to either defend or take the right to a top-8 seed.

The Lakers see themselves in an unfamiliar spot, noting they won the NBA championship the previous year, but with a plethora of injuries and their Finals MVP missing 20+ games, things can be more terrible.

As for the Warriors, with their second-best shooter suffering back-to-back catastrophic injuries, the load Steph had to carry was the topmost in his career. Not minding the downfalls, Steph has been able to capture his second scoring title, the oldest player to do so since Michael Jordan.

“For our work relationship to keep improving up till this moment, indeed it is quite unique and very cool,” Lebron said in a postgame interview.

Steph is 3-1 versus LeBron in the playoffs, and you can bet LeBron is willing to balance the score.

In a rivalry with this much longevity, nothing but respect is achieved throughout both players’ careers.

“Look at what he has achieved this year, everybody counted him out this year,” LeBron on Steph’s MVP candidacy. “Everybody saying that now that Klay is hurt can Steph lead a team alone”

“Both guys are still playing at such a popular level,” Golden State Warriors’ Head Coach, Steve Kerr told reporters. “Four meetings in the finals is going to create an atmosphere of rivalry but there’s clearly a lot of  mutual respect.”

Not minding what will take place on Wednesday, both teams still have a good shot at a playoff spot and the most awaited game of the season has a possibility of being a classic duel between the two greatest players in our time.

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